I Have a Place on the Beach

It is not exactly on the beach, but if I climbed up on my roof I could see the beach. Of course there is a big condo complex to one side and a large beach house to the other, but it takes about two minutes to get down there. I noticed all the pretty girls in their swim suits at once, and I had more than a passing interest. So I have been looking at stuff like the south beach diet reviews and I have been getting out in the mornings to walk up and down the beach. There is a pier about a mile and three quarters to the South, so I have been walking down there and back every morning. Some of the time I will drop in the cafe that is beside the pier and get a bite to eat and a cup of coffee or something else. It is going to take a good while to do what I want to do and so I am thinking about how to do it.

I do not really think that I am going to want to get involved in one of those things where you have to watch every crumb that goes in your mouth, or where they want you to eat funny things instead of real food. However it is pretty obvious that some foods just are not compatible with the goal. Double fudge cookies and German chocolate cake are really awesome and I love them both, in fact I love them in a big bowl of high butter fat ice cream. That does not mean that they are going to help you lose weight. It is a silly idea, but in fact you could eat all sorts of stuff if you were willing to work it off.

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